Mitigate Against 80% of Cyber Attacks

Do you require a Penetration Test?

If you handle credit card online you are mandated to have a penetration test at least yearly.

Do you require guidance on GDPR?
With qualified consultants we can help.

Are You Conducting Cyber Security Training?
Untrained Employees Remain The Major Cause Of Data Breaches
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Providing Quality Information Assurance Services

Cyber Essentials Packages

Choose one of our Cyber Essentials Packages to make a start on certification today.

Cyber Essentials
Do It Yourself

£295 per year

Certification can be achieved the same day.
Includes all application costs
Secure online self assessment through our portal

Free cyber liability insurance for 12 months

Display the Cyber Essentials logo on your website

Cyber Essentials
Get Some Help

£45 per month or £495 per year

Same day assessments

Free unlimited phone and E-Mail support during certification.
Includes all application costs
Help with every question, via guided questionnaire
Fixed fee no hidden extras
Free cyber liability insurance for 12 months
Free Cyber Advice for 12 months
Display the Cyber Essentials logo on your website

Cyber Essentials
Get A Lot Of Help

£70 per month or £795 per year

We will manage the Certification for you
Take the stress and extra workload out of getting certified
Includes all application costs
Fixed fee no hidden costs
We will conduct a Cyber Security Audit and make Recommendations
We will complete the Questionnaire for your approval
We will guide you through the entire process
GDPR compliant documentation provided where necessary
Free cyber liability insurance for 12 months
Free cyber advice for 12 months
Display the Cyber Essentials logo on your website.
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Penetration Testing Services

Required for FCA compliance and recommended by the NCSC.

Penetration testing assesses your computer systems, networks and applications for security vulnerabilities, so that they can be mitigated before criminals exploit them.


"The Cybertec group is a trusted security partner, providing independent audit and review of our information security systems and processes. The team from Cybertec are extremely knowledgeable and professional, delivering Cyber Essentials plus certification, security audits, GDPR compliance review and security training."
Jim Smith
CISO Level Peaks Associates
"This certification is key component of our company doing business with UK Government and without this we would not be able to work with certain clients and departments within that organisation. I was also very impressed by the experience and knowledge that your team has in the realm of cyber and information security which allows me to have confidence in your business delivering this service to me."
Rob Bassett Cross MC
Founder & CEO Adarga Ltd
"I’ve been working in the IT industry since the early 1990's and was impressed with the content of his talk. Paul also answered questions succinctly and we all went away with the intention of changing our ways. He’s probably saved some of us from falling into dangerous traps while surfing the internet and to be more vigilant when opening suspect emails."
Mark Millmore
Councillor, Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council

IASME Gold Certified

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